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October 21st, 2006

02:22 am - fuckity fuckity fuck!!




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December 15th, 2004

01:46 pm - make up counter girls...
I am a Clinique junkie. I love that stuff. I love all of that pamper yourself, defy gravity, make yourself pretty sort of things that you can find at department store counters. What I DO NOT like are the girls who attempt to put make-up on an Asian face in an arrogant attempt to make me look more western. I don't WANT rounder eyes. Not only would that look stupid but that isn't the look I'm going for. I want to enhance my nice brown ALMOND eyes not try and make them look like something they are not. I also love when they say, "oh, just put this on your crease. OH GEE! you don't have a crease, do you?" I can almost hear the 'tsk tsk tsk' Like I'm a freak or something. That's why I now only go to the Asian girls who work the counters. No more insults, no more western eyes, no more too pink make-up and no more trying to get rid of the 'yellow' undertones in my skin. That is the color I am. I was born that way. Any other color on me and I WOULD look like a freak. I could just buy white facepaint and go all geisha with teeny tiny painted on lips. hee hee Naw, hubby might like that too much.
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01:37 pm - telemarketers
Our answering machine isn't working so every time the phone rings I either have to endure the endless ringing (and I MEAN endless as it has rung for 20-30 times before) or answer it. My family only calls on my cell phone. So work and some peeps and TELEMARKETERS call my home line. I hate them. I placed our number on the national DO NOT CALL LIST but it takes 3 months to be activated. That was a month ago. I don't want aluminum siding, insurance, the local paper or a free estimate on new plumbing. I want to be left alone. If I answer the phone "hello" and I hear silence I hang up. Anyone who calls the house knows that if they don't spit out a greeting pronto they will be hung up on. I'm home sick today and have had to drag my green behind to the phone 3 times to listen to static. I hate them. May they all burn in hell and may I get a new digital answering machine in my Christmas stocking. Where is SITH with more gorgeous sweaty HUGH pics?
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December 11th, 2004

08:11 pm - The most stoopid women on earth..

Yes ladies, is our time to choose 3 of the most stupids women on earth, you know, if the position of women in society right now lay on their hands we will return to a medieval time or worse....

Mines are (not sure about position)

1.-Paris Hilton.....no comments.

2.-Britney Spears...."like a virgin...." lol...in this case I really do not know who is more stupid, she or the ones who really thought she was virgin lol

3.-Claudia Schiffer....can anyone tell me wtf this woman have done for humanity?

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December 5th, 2004

12:26 am - See the face of God...



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November 17th, 2004

03:00 pm - Worst thing sent in the mail.
Now I don't want to give any one the wrong idea. I am a reasonably nice person. I do not loose my temper to often, but when I do......

I was in a relationship for a long time. He worked for the government, let say, and was out of town a lot. Mostly he went to Washington DC.

On one of his out of town he invited me to go along. We went to California, and stayed on the beach. I loved it and him. I left the hotel room to get some sun and surf, got tired and returned a little early.

You guessed it, it was on the phone with some one and it was a very interesting conversation. A lot of "I miss you too" and "I can't wait until we are together again" "I'll be in DC in a week or so" more but you have the gist of the conversation.

He did not know I over heard. I was devistated. Did not know you could hurt that bad and live. Well, I did not confront him, cause I was too hurt. Just sat and thought about it during dinner and after.

He's a jogger, so the next morning bright and early, off he goes. He has a big meeting later that day and his suit and crap were hanging up in the little closet. Don't know what came over me, grabbed his clothes, shoes, personal items, dirty clothes, put them into the suitcase gathered up my stuff and left. On the way out I asked the front desk for the long distance calls we made. They handed it to me asked if we were checking out I said no just going to wash a few things. Two suitcases full.

Call the airlines changed my flight left California.

After I got home,I called the number and got the address of where the company was DC shock, of course the name of the person was easy. All I did was call the number after working hours and got her voice mail. So I am now armed with name and address,

He called me. "Thanks a lot, I had nothing to wear to the meeting, had to buy new clothes. What's got into you. So I told him, silence.

So I took his dirty, skid-marked, runners underwear, and sent them to her work, she worked for the Gov too, so they opened it up and it was routed through the chain of command to her desk.

Second, I sent his dirty, skid-marked, runners underwear to his place of work, again opened, down through the chain of commend to his desk.

They put a restraining order on me, but I did not care. It felt good

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November 16th, 2004

09:23 pm
Come on bints! post!!! heheheheee

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November 14th, 2004

05:09 pm
Need some help with the layout...argffffff

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